frequently asked questions

  1. What exactly is our council’s purpose? The Knights of Columbus strive to be in service to one and in service to all. From the very foundation of the Council, our number one purpose was to assist our Pastor in any way possible. Those requests come in two general forms, staffing and donations. Our service priorities tend to be Parish, Community, Diocese, and area. In a nutshell, the purpose of our Council is to serve others.
  2.  Do we gather volunteers or raise money for local causes? Yes, we do—all the time. Council 14132 is a very active group of Brothers. We raise money through various projects like monthly Bingo, an annual golf outing, and the Knights tootsie roll drive. As an example of our donations, following the 2022 golf outing, the Council presented checks over $10,000 to benefit local causes.
  3. Do we create events for charities or relations between the Knights and the community? Yes, we do. Each year we have multiple events put on by our Council. Once the event has been completed and the monies totaled, the Council as a whole is asked to vote on how the funds should be dispersed.
  4. Do we create initiatives for the church and surrounding community to work with and guide youth? The Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus stresses interaction with the youth of our Parish and the community. Each year the Council offers the Flavio Della Pupa Memorial Scholarship to a graduating senior from the parish. The youth of Corpus Christi Parish is a frequent benefactor of the Council’s fundraising efforts.
  5. Do we strive to recruit and mold new Knights? If so, are we looking to attract a specific age group? The Council, the District, the State Council, and the Supreme Council are constantly stressing the recruitment of new Knights. Council 14132 recognizes that the Council is only as good as its active members, so the more active members we have, the better the Council performs. The only criteria for becoming a Knight is that a Catholic gentleman must be over the age of 18 and be in good standing with the Church.
  6. I am a new Knight. I have a question, who should I contact? If you check the Officers page of this website, you will see photos of many of the officers. Any officer would be happy to answer your questions. You may want to start with the Grand Knight. The Grand Knight for 2022-2023 is Mak Minotti. Mark can be reached by sending an email to
  7. When are the meetings? The Council has two regularly scheduled meetings every month. The Council business meeting is held on the second Tuesday of every month in the Pastoral Center. If you are a member of the Knights of Columbus, you are welcome to join us starting at 7:00. On the fourth Tuesday of every month, also in the Pastoral Center, is the Officers of the Council meeting. This meeting usually starts around 7:00. Any member of the Knights of Columbus is welcome to attend.