Fatherhood is under attack.  It is under attack from forces outside of man (our society and culture) but also from forces within him (our lack of reference for what God has made).

My experience has me coming of age in the 1960’s (Pre – Vatican II) and the tremendous societal changes of that time.  Experience has taught me that our society has since lost our moral compass.  I have come to realize that a good society hinges upon good Fatherhood.  A strong Father, along with a strong Mother, results in a strong family, which forms a strong foundation for our society and our culture.

I was taught then that “Good Fatherhood comes from knowing and experiencing God as Father, as we journey towards manly holiness as Catholic Gentlemen.”  I was taught this not through my religious education, but rather through the pious example of the Knights of Columbus Council members that sponsored my parish CYO baseball league throughout my junior and senior high school years. 

 They expressed the theory that where Fatherhood goes, so goes the nation.  Through their hours of coaching baseball, we learned the virtues of patriotism, fair play, fraternal camaraderie, and the joy that comes from God’s goodness through sport.  The mentoring we received throughout those years from those Catholic Gentlemen lives with me still.

 What I have come to realize is that If I’m not the Father, biological or spiritual, that God is calling me to be, then I have to humbly and honestly acknowledge that I am the problem, not society.  I have to first address what I can do to improve my approach to Fatherhood.  Only then can we lead the next generation of Catholic men into aiding in God’s plan for salvation.

In future articles, I hope to address our members with how we can regain our catholic focused approach to Fatherhood, for our good and the good of our society.