Another great time was had by over 65 people who came to play Bingo at the 851 Building on December 21st. The bingo diehards put aside Christmas shopping and Christmas parties to enjoy a full slate of Bingo.

The Christmas spirit was evident in the crowd with Christmas sweaters and hats sprinkled throughout the room. Grand Knight Tim Swisher put together an ad hoc committee to judge the costumes and prizes were awarded to the more creative in the group.  In addition, the Knights added an extra game last night. The Pick Your Numbers game had participants pick their own numbers before the game was started, and the first person to Bingo using their numbers won $50.

The next opportunity to win will be Wednesday, January 18th at the 851 Building, 851 Celebration Avenue, Celebration FL. You can pre-register and even sign up for our Bingo Newsletter, by clicking here.